If you are purchasing residential property, it is important to understand the process of conveyancing. Basically, this is the action of legally transferring property from one entity to another. In simple terms, conveyancing encompasses all the tasks that must be fulfilled before the home is officially yours. Ideally, you can perform your own settlement of the purchase. However, this is not advisable because the legal process is complex and time-consuming, and there might be unexpected traps in the contract. Instead, you should engage a settlement agent to act on your behalf. Here are the important services provided by this expert during property purchase.

Completing Property Documentation

There are numerous documents that are involved during the purchase of a new home. The settlement agent will ensure that these are prepared and completed in accordance to the law for successful property transfer. In general, this expert will liaison with the seller and other involved parties to ensure that the contract detailing the Offer and Acceptance terms is fulfilled. They will also make certain that the Certificate of Title has been transferred to your name. In addition, the agent is in charge of the Transfer of Title documentation after the sale is complete.

Making Enquiries on the Property

The cost of residential property is high, so it is important to be cautious before the official purchase is complete. Moreover, there are numerous potential pitfalls which could mean the loss of the new home and all the money. The settlement agent will conduct research on the land and home in question to ensure that it is a sound investment. This process usually involves reviewing the title and ownership, zoning issues and even the land rates. They will also ensure that all the information provided in the building inspection report and the structural plans is valid before the sale is complete.

Dealing with Finances

The settlement agent will help you sort out your finances for a successful purchase process. This conveyancing professional will request for the funds that are required to proceed to the final settlement. They will also ensure that the important rates and fees that are incurred through this transaction are paid. In addition, the agent will keep you informed about the progress of the purchase and the attached costs.

The importance of a great conveyancing expert cannot be overlooked when buying a home. Therefore, you should be diligent when selecting your settlement agent. Ensure that they are licensed in your region, experienced and highly rated by past clients before hiring.