When you get to the point that you need to sell your house quickly it's important to use a smart approach to avoid getting low-ball offers or having a property hang around on the market for a little while.

Do – Stage your home 

It's becoming more and more standard for homes to be staged, which is to be set up with furniture and accessories in a way that highlights how the house would be used. The furniture is hired and is in showroom condition, which allows the best aspects of your house to shine through.

Stagers work on making the house look perfect for your prospective clients so that over filled spare room suddenly looks full of light and space, and can be visualised as a home office or nursery. Make sure the online listing photos are taken once you've got the staging set up so your home looks truly 'picture perfect'.

Don't – Try and sell using an owner-seller approach

Unless your market is very hot you are likely to struggle to reach a big enough pool of buyers as a owner-seller to get a quick offer. The offer is also likely to be lower as many buyers discount their offers to owner-sellers. Using a real estate agency is a good approach if you need a quick sale as they can contact their pool of interested and engaged buyers who they have already established a relationship with, through prior sales efforts.

Do – Set a realistic price

While you may want the highest possible price, it's important to remember the time value of your money if you need a quick sale. It's worth accepting an early offer if it's a little below your intended sale price. A quick offer, particularly one with few conditions, can be a great to get and if you can get multiple offers early you may even find that the sellers bid against each other and end up at a price that is quite close to what you had originally envisioned receiving.

If you want a quick sale of your home It can be very useful to engaged an experienced real estate agent. They can help you to create a great atmospeher in the home with staging (and get some good photos for the marketing campaign) as well as setting a realistic price that should get you some quick yet reasonable sale offers to consider.